Let me be the first to say....I HATE BYE WEEKS.  Sundays in the fall are meant for football.  These guys get paid loads off loot to play 16 games( if they're lucky) and feel that a break is needed. Pfft...  Anyway...here is a list of things to do on your team's bye week.

- Go to church/temple- Well, you probably haven't been there in a while....so this weekend could be a chance for you to catch up.  Confess for all the impure thoughts and expletives that came out of your mouth from the last few weeks of football!


-Reconnect with your lady- If you have a girl that likes sports....this doesn't apply to you.  Most ladies only watch because their guys want them to.  Most of the times guys are with their buddies and forget they have a good woman at home waiting for the day of football to end.


-Get your Halloween costume ready- Great idea.......Go out shopping, make it at home or whatever.


-Take a snooze- When your girl asks what you are doing....just tell her you are imitating the Bills defensive line!


-Take a mini road trip- the leaves are beautiful right now.  Take a ride through the country.  Stop and sample some wine, pick grapes, buy pies etc....


-Parents....reintroduce yourself to your kids-  Just like the old lady....your kids probably haven't seen you since week 1 of football.