It’s the season for colds and I feel a doosie coming on.  It started with a scratchy throat which eventually became a fully fledged sore throat.  This morning the constant sneezing and runny nose started.  We all get them and have to suffer through it but there are there simple ways to ease the common cold?

Some obvious things to do; blow your nose often to help keep mucus from building or draining in to your throat.  Drinking hot liquids is another way to help with nasal congestion and sore throat.

My mom always made sure to have us kids gargle with a little salt water for sore throats too.  Just add a teaspoon of salt to warm water and gargle to help ease a scratchy sore throat.

Take a steam shower; this might be my favorite thing to do when I have a nasty cold.  Regardless of the fact that the hot steam helps ease all cold/flu symptoms it also just feels good and relaxing.

And probably the best thing for a cold is to get lots of rest.

What are some ways you treat a cold?