If you haven't heard by now teenie-pop sensation Justin Bieber is a big deal.  He's also working on a new CD for 2011.  This time around Beibs has recruited one of country's hottest acts......Rascal Flatts!!.  Yup, the guys of Rascal Flatts will be appearing on Beiber's new CD.  Lead singer of Rascal Flatts Gary LeVox says the song is actually really good.

I can only name 1 Justin Beiber song...(just so you don't think I'm a fan)...."Baby"...(there I said it), but I'm sure I'll know a 2nd one after Flatts and Beibs lay down some tracks.

By the way....also on the Beibs CD for all you Beiberettes.....R&B star Drake.