A billboard of a soldier and a Muslim woman started making waves after it recently appeared in L.A. The two are a real couple -- but what are they advertising?


This billboard on Sunset Boulevard is for SnoreStop sleep aid, which is meant to emphasize how the product can save couples. On the billboard is a hashtag, the slogan "keeping you together" and the picture of a soldier and a woman embracing him with a wedding ring on. But people in L.A. have spoken about their concern for the ad.

SnoreStop spokeswoman Melody Devemark, defending the product, said:

"We want to show couples that you normally don't see in advertising. People feel that we are trying to misuse the image of military servicemen. I think they don't understand that there are couples like this that do exist", according to the Huffington Post.

The couple shown on the billboard is actually a real-life couple. Many critics and advertising agencies think that the billboard is awesome. It's not an ad for a religion-based product, so this ad just shows that the culture has accepted the relation between different cultures.