Great news with word today that the Bills have suspended the series of game in Toronto, at least for this year. It means that all of the Bills home games will be at Ralph Wilson Stadium while the Bills use the time to evaluate the whole idea.

So far the experiment has been a miserable failure, except for the cash it brought to the franchise. But the most important thing for any sports team is the win/loss record, and there was no competitive advantage for the Bills playing in Toronto. For most of the Toronto games, there were as many fans for the opponents as there were for the Bills.

Playing in Toronto was almost like playing at a neutral site. The expectation was that fans in Toronto would embrace the team and show their support while helping the team financially. Certainly the Bills cashed in with the windfall of cash, but the fans treated the games like exhibitions. These are regular season NFL football games and the stands were dead. Absolutely no comparison to The Ralph.

The Bills gave it a try, and it just didn't work. Let's just hope they move on from the failed Toronto series permanently.