It was almost like a pre-season game – a small crowd – a meaningless game.  It was just a whole lot colder.  The Bills won it 28-9 over the New York Jets, but it came against a team with almost as many problems as themselves and it won’t likely help extend the future of Chan Gailey as Bills coach and Ryan Fitzpatrick as Bills quarterback. 

Three straight losing seasons likely means Gailey and Fitzpatrick are out.  If you’re counting, that’s eight straight losing seasons and 13 seasons out of the playoffs.  The fans deserve better than that.  The fans demand better than that.  And that’s why Ralph Wilson needs to make a change.

The Bills have a lot of the pieces in place to be a winning team.  They obviously have a few holes and the biggest one is at quarterback.  They have to target a quarterback in the draft and I’d bring in a free agent quarterback too and let ‘em battle it out in training camp.

During training camp last summer I watched Ryan Fitzpatrick routinely miss receivers…overthrow them and underthrow them, but I figured they’d eventually figure it out.  They never did. Chan Gailey put all his faith in Ryan Fitzpatrick and grossly overestimated his skills.  Fitzpatrick didn’t have a very impressive game against the Jets, but he didn’t kill the team like he so often has this season.

Stevie Johnson reached the 1,000 yard receiving mark for the third straight season and C-J Spiller again showed what an incredible talent he is, converting a short screen pass into an incredible 66-yard touchdown run.

This should be an interesting week for the Bills.  If they plan to make changes they should do it quickly and get a new staff in place so they can get to work to deliver to the fans what they so desperately want – a winning football team.