The Buffalo Bills head into this weekend’s home opener against Kansas City minus a couple of starters.  Obviously, everyone in Buffalo knows that RB Fred Jackson and WR David Nelson are out….Jackson for 3-5 weeks and Nelson for the season, but who will be filling their shoes??  Well, the Buffalo Bills say they are set at wide receiver!! That makes me wonder???  Going into the season Buffalo looked a little weak at that position, you’d think the bills would sign a free agent such as Jabbar Gaffney or even Plaxico Burress.  Instead, the team is putting their faith in rookie wide out T.J. Graham.  Now, I like the idea and I’m all for using young talent, but sign another guy to the squad for depth.  At the running back position, C.J. Spiller will carry the load.  As a back- up to Spiller, Buffalo resigned Johnny White, who they cut earlier in the year.  White will be the 3rd back behind Spiller and Tashard Choice.