Isn't it sad when the thing most Bills fans wait for all year is the NFL draft.  That's how I've been feeling the past few years.  The teams have been pretty bad and the hope of rebuilding through the draft hasn't panned out too well.  But.....this year....the Bills have a top 3 pick.  Meaning... we will or should get the 3rd best college player available for the next season.  Here's a Buffalo Bills early draft break down.  Here is a list of the Buffalo Bills draft selections when the team had had a top 3 pick !

1969- O.J.Simpson         1972- Walt Patulski      1979- Tom Cousineau    1985- Bruce Smith

From what I can remember.....OJ was sweet and so was Brrruuuuce Smith!

Dale says the other 2 were flops.  According to Mr. Mussen.....Cousineau refused to play for the the team traded his rights and eventually acquired one of the best things that Buffalo football has ever seen......Jim Kelly !

Anyways.....Here's my take:

Everyone and their mamas want the Bills to select the next stud quarterback who will lead the team for years to come.  He may not be attainable.  I feel we have so many holes that we should trade down or just start grabbing all the defensive players that we can ....then find a quarterback in the later rounds.

Carolina selects first- They should select QB Andrew Luck of Stanford (if he enters the draft).  Some think the Bills should try and get Luck by trading...Good Luck!

Denver selects 2nd- If Luck is gone...Denver goes defense

Bills- 3rd-  I swear...If the team wastes a pick on a cornerback....I'll glue my hands to my eyes for the 2011 season.

Many "mock drafts" have the Bills selecting Defensive tackle or Defensive End....GOOD....DO IT !  or take a Linebacker.  When teams run all over you game after game.....YOU MUST SHORE UP THE DEFENSIVE FRONT 7.  I hope the Bills are listening!   :)