Keith Urban and Blake Shelton in real life are actually good friends, and MAYBE when they trash talk each other, it's not as serious as you would think. But, nonetheless, picture Shelton's sarcastic comments against gentle, warm-hearted Urban.

The outcome? An awesome reality show trash talk throwdown.

Keith was recently asked about the competition between Keith's show, American Idol, and Blake's The Voice. He joked about the rivalry and that he knows he’s not as big as Blake, so he’s gonna hire a guy.

Blake's response: Probably a good thing Keith doesn't come after him.

I think he would get tangled up in his own hair....Like you can see Keith Urban if he got real mad and he was flailing around like he does, you know, his hair would get in his face and mouth, he’d be doing all that stuff.

Blake joked that what really gets to him is Keith’s new song with his wife, Miranda Lambert.

I’m insanely jealous and I’m going into a jealous rage over this stuff. And that’s probably why he wants to hire somebody to kill me.

Haha, awesome.