Blake Shelton's fan club is getting bigger and bigger as his name gets bigger with his hard work on stage and on NBC's hit show 'The Voice'.  He is passing along the rewards to his fan club members.

Blake has announced that subscriptions to his fan club, known as BS'ers, will soon be free. Nothing is expected to change if you are a current member. The services you love will still be available. Blake said, "It's not going away, it's getting better!"

Beginning later this month, the BS'ers Fan Club is transitioning to a free model. That's right, you will no longer have to pay to have access to Blake. We'll still be offering all the same perks you're used to - presales, meet & greets, exclusive content, and access to the BS'ers Forum.

Not may things get cheaper, let alone free. This is a great thing, and I wonder if other stars will be making the same change soon.