The Bills lose another home game they should have won and this time it's coaching.  Chan Gailey will say there were plays that weren't made that could have been the difference, but his indecision, his lack of leadership, his poor play calling, his poor clock management and his failure to see the overall scope of the game all contibuted in a big way to the Bills 15-12 loss to the St. Louis Rams.

Case in point, just before halftime the Bills call time out with 11 seconds left on 3rd down on the St. Louis 34.  They're drawing up a play into the end zone right?  Wrong.  They're kicking a 40-yard field goal.  Why not give it a shot into the end zone?  And calling a time out with 11 seconds?  If you're going to kick a field goal anyway, let the clock run down to 3 seconds.  The Bills were forced to kickoff as a result.

Then in the 4th quarter, with the Bills at the Rams 34, Rian Lindell was sent out to kick a 52-yard field goal, but then Gailey called a time out.  Are they going for it on fourth down?  Nope, they're punting.  Punting?  Just goes to show he has no confidence in the players to make a play.  That's a lack of leadership.

And how about C-J Spiller.  His incredible talent was wasted.  He ran the ball only seven times and caught a pass for a grand total of eight touches on the day.  Does anybody on the Bills coaching staff know what talent he has?

And by the way, you can forget about any playoff hopes.  Those went down the drain with Sunday's pitful display.

Gailey's got to go, but you can bet he'll be back next year continuing to make his bumbling moves game after game.  He's an imaginative offensive coach, but as a head coach?  Forget it.

And how about Ryan Fitzpatrick?  He had one of his better days statistically, completing 25 of 33 for 247 yards, but when the Bills absolutely need him to lead the team on a late-game drive, he melts like he's done in a number of games this season.  This one ended with an interception on a poorly thrown ball.

If the Bills had a better quarterback, we'd likely overlook all of Gailey's mistakes.  But it is what it is and for Bills fans it's another year, the 13th, out of the playoffs.