On weekends I have been trying to find something new and exciting.  Sometimes it’s an event I’ve never tried before or sometimes it’s something I can’t get enough of.  If you’re tired of sitting at home on weekends why not try some of these events happening this weekend!

I love wine and wineries so that might be why I looked into this event.  Then once there was a mention of food involved with the wine I was hooked!  At the Niagara Wine Trail USA they have their event called Taste of the Trail.  It’s today and tomorrow and when you buy tickets today they are good for tomorrow as well.  See we are getting the most for your money too!  At the Taste of the Trail you’ll experience wine and food pairing.  These guys know what they are doing with wine too – that’s why they are the experts – so you know you’ll get the perfect combination.  Before we went I made sure to check out the website for the Niagara wine trail (niagarawinetrail.org) and they will list what food will be offered at each winery.  Thankfully they are just samples because you’ll never make to the end with all the delicious food they are serving!  Like I said the tickets are good for today and tomorrow and include wine tasting at each winery, one food sampling at each winery, and they will even throw in a commemorative wine glass at your starting winery.  If you do end up liking this event and the wineries I definitely suggest checking out the Niagara Wine Trails website often.  They have a ton of events all year long that you might absolutely love!  If you go to this one let me know what you think!


Another amazing event you can check out this weekend is a musical.  I know I can hear the groans from the men but honestly musicals are not just for woman.  Seriously how many times in your life have you wanted to just break out into song and dance over something fantastic happening in your life like a touchdown or home run?  Never?  OK if you really think a musical is cheesy just think of all the brownie points you’ll score with your girl!  One of my favorites is on at the Historic Palace Theater in Lockport.  Hello Dolly!  Let me give you some background on this musical and then go see it!  Hello Dolly tells the story of Dolly a matchmaker living at the turn of the 20th century in New York City.  It’s like reality tv in the old days.  Plus this Broadway classic is one of the longest running musicals in Broadway history and has even won 11 Tony Awards.  Definitely one of my favorites!  Ticket prices are fairly cheap too.  They range from $13 to $18.  It’s Hello Dolly at the Historic Palace Theater!

Life is too short to be a couch potato!  Live it!