So what could a five-year old boy's fashion choice cause so much heated debate on Facebook?  He wants to be allowed to wear this to preschool.  Opinions are pretty much divided.

The mother explained to him that wearing pink shoes is really meant for girls, but he said he didn't care and that "ninjas can wear pink shoes too."


Some say he should be allowed to express himself how he wants and he'll learn to deal with the criticism.  It'll build character.  Others are saying the boy should never wear anything "girly" because he'd be the target of bullying.  His aunt didn't like the idea of him wearing the shoes at all because "it'll turn him gay."

He's five years old.  Is he old enough to make his own decision on a subject like this or should the parents step in and say the shoes are not appropriate.  If a kid wanted to wear cowboy boots a parent wouldn't allow him to wear the boots to bed would they?

Or is this a big deal over something very minor?  What do you think?