Brad Paisley is on the road again and is headed to the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center on Saturday, July 23 as part of  of his H20 tour, this one entitled 'H20 II: Wetter and Wilder'. If you  caught his show last year, just think bigger, better, and yes, wilder.

If you want to catch all of the action, you need to get there way before the show starts and stay long after it ends, according to Brad, who also urges you to pay close attention to the big video screen behind him and his band. "We've got some really cool things happening. The way the show starts is going to be really neat ... We realized we need that big screen," Brad tells The Boot. "I just have to have that, because it becomes a part of the show when you're playing these places where people are a hundred yards away from you sometimes."
Among some of the items returning this year is the huge, beloved bobble-head Brad, and for what it cost to make him, he's got several years of work left to accomplish. "He's back in a big way. That was one of my most delightful surprises, because that thing cost $10,000," says Brad. "We got it, and I thought it'd be like a thousand dollars, but it was $10,000. The company that makes those mascots, the big puppets and the things that you wear, is in Nashville ... it was really mind-blowing when I first saw it and saw how funny it was when we put it on tape. For some reason, this thing just standing there with its arms dangling, there's something funny when it does nothing."

Also returning is the Water World Plaza, featuring performances by Brett Eldredge, Edens Edge and Sunny Sweeney, as well as a whole slew of activities for the family. We wondered if Brad gets out and enjoys the activities. "I do get to try them. I go out while we're rehearsing when they're setting them up," he explains. "My favorite is the driving simulator -- the Corvette racing where you race me. Somebody every night gets to come backstage, because whoever's the fastest time wins a meet-and-greet.

"I just remember last year how much fun people had," adds Brad. "One of the greatest things I've ever seen was the middle of an afternoon driving on a golf cart in the back behind the fence headed out to play with one of the new acts, and seeing a bunch of kids on the big blow-up water slide, just going nuts, and then meeting somebody that did that and saying, 'Well, we brought a change of clothes for our five-year-old,'" he says. "It's cool. It's not that big a deal to haul a few things like that around to give everybody a better experience."

You'll be glad to go see Brad!  You can get your tickets at or charge 'em by phone at 1-800-745-3000.    Oh yeah, you can also listen to country 106.5 WYRK to win em!