I was floored when I heard this story; Brad Paisley made an appearance at a memorial service for one of his fans this week.  The fans name was Allison Greene and she had battled cancer for two years.  When she was first diagnosed, she told her family and friends that she would throw a party after she beat the disease and have Brad perform at it.  Unfortunately, Allison passed away.  Her friends though, decided to make a facebook video in hopes Brad would see it.  Brad did in fact see it and decided to go to the memorial in Orange County, California.  He sang “Then” at the service.  Allison’s husband told ABC affiliate KABC that Brad showing up meant a lot to him and those who loved Allison, “It does show how big of a heart he has”.  Somehow you just know that Allison was watching from above in disbelief and amazement.  Here is the video her family posted for Brad to see.