Some celebrities disguise their kids in public to keep them out of the spotlight, but the Batman mask on Brad Paisley’s son Huck isn’t an attempt to protect his privacy.  Apparently, Huck has worn the costume since June “He wears it everywhere he goes”, says Brad.  In fact one time in California some folks approached Brad and Huck who were together at a restaurant.  They said, “We just wanted say we’re really big fans.  Do you make him wear that so people can’t see his face?  Like Michael Jackson?”  Brad’s response was “Yup”, only because that response is easier than explaining that Huck is just in a Batman phase!  Some kids suck their thumb, some carry a favorite stuffed animal or blanket and some wear Batman masks.  Brad Paisley’s new studio Album is set to be released on April 19th and he’ll be offering free download’s of his single “This Is Country Music” starting Monday December 13th.