Every year we try to do activities with our kids on their birthdays. For my daughter, year after year it was The Buffalo Zoo (a place we're still huge fans of). My son loves the National Museum of Play at The Strong. Today was my daughter's eighth birthday, and this year, we went to The Buffalo Museum of Science for the  Grossology exhibit.

If your kids have ever asked you why boogers are sticky or why their farts stink, then you have to take them to see this.  It's a fun way to explain why your body does some of the gross stuff that it does. It explains why we burp and where poop comes from.

Granted, it's a pretty gross thought, but hey, these are questions that kids ask.  They are all things that all of our bodies do, and what better way to explain it than with a full-size nose that you can walk right into and get sneezed on?

My kids loved it, and yours will, too!

Don't wait though.  If you want to see the display, it's only at The Buffalo Museum Of Science until September 3!