Today was a great day for me.  I was so proud to have my kids begging me to take them fishing.  As we sat there casting out into Lake Erie from the dock, my chest swelled with pride to think that my kids were looking up to me as one of the best fishermen they've ever seen.  That ended rather quickly with just one dumb move.

After a long day of looking for just the right spot after a long day of begging to go, we were finally getting into a groove.  The kids had both begun to master casting without sinking their hooks into me or anything in their close vicinity.  We were finally fishing.

That's when I made my dumb move.  I don't know if I just got a little too comfortable or if I was paying more attention to them than I was to what I was doing but instead of a normal cast, I let the pole slip right out of my hand and fly right into the water.  Yup.  I threw my whole pole into the water.

Although I tried to snag it with my daughter's pole, there was no hope.  My fishing pole was gone and I wasn't going in after it.  The salt in the wound came afterward.  First it was the good size that fish that curiously swam right up to where I was dipping my daughter's pole in the water almost as if it was laughing at me.  Then it was my kids who actually were laughing at me.

The best part though was that I was possibly the worst fisherman today but I ended up being the best dad.  My kids got to go fishing and I got to be there with them.  All in all, it was worth it to lose the pole just to have that memory with them.