There was a lot of stuff going on in the country world this week. From the CMA Christmas special to the Grammy nominations special, what were some of your favorite stars writing about on Twitter? Here are some of my favorites:

1.  Just found that I'm the first EVER person laying in bed (drunk) in Tishomingo Oklahoma with 3 Grammy nominations!!! -- (@blakeshelton)

2.  Guess who is married to a 3 time Grammy nom.? ME!! -- (@Miranda_Lambert)

3.  My plan is to dress like a Christmas tree ornament as much as possible on this show. - J #CMAChristmas @CountryMusic (Picture of Jennifer ) -- (@Sugarlandmusic)

4.  It was hard, but I just let a turkey walk past my deer stand. He best not come this way again. Heeeeerrrree big buck! Here buck, buck, buck! (@JustinColeMoore)

5.  I like to sing in an opera voice when I leave people voicemail sometimes... In Italian... I'm sure they love me for it.. #fb (@bretteldredge)