This week I got to do something that not every parent gets to do for their kids.  I got to read to my son's kindergarten class.  I don't get to read to my kids all that often before bed so this was a huge treat.  Not only do I get to read to my son, but I get to do it in front of his whole class.


It's a program that his class calls "The Mystery Reader".  Parents get to sign up for a day where they come in and read a story to the students.  But the kids don't know who the person is that's going to be reading to them until the mystery reader walks through the door.

This week it was my turn and it was awesome.  As I walked through the door just to see my son's face light up was totally worth every second.  Then I got to read the book and that seemed to go by very quickly.  The fun happened when I got to answer their questions after the story.  Wow...ever face a class full of kindergarteners that can ask whatever they want?

Try it sometime if you get the chance.  Reading to kids is always worth the time.

[Photo courtesy of user briani29]