No genre of music tells a story like country music does. They're without a doubt some of the most powerful songs on the radio. They're even more powerful when they're about moms. With Mother's Day coming up this Sunday, I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite songs about moms.

10.  Don't Forget To Remember Me -- Carrie Underwood

It's gotta be tough to watch your kids pack up and move away.  There is a long list of things to remember in this song....mostly your parents.

9.  Roses For Mama -- C.W. McCall

Ok...this one's sad.  I'll tell you up front.  It's about a guy who puts off seeing his mom to spend time with his friends until he sees a little boy in a flower shop that reminds him why he should cherish his mom.

8.  Teenage Daughters -- Martina McBride

Ok...this one is more about the relationship between a mom and her sometimes-hard-to-deal-with daughters.  It's from the perspective of the mom. but she nails it.

7.  Somebody's Hero -- Jamie O'Neal

This mom doesn't have to do anything that most people would think is spectacular. Jamie O'Neal is giving credit to the "everyday average girl" that makes a world of difference to her child.

6.  I.O.U. -- Jimmy Dean

This is a list of things that Jimmy Dean claims he owe's his mom for.  The list is long...but accurate.

 5.  The Best Day -- Taylor Swift

This is a song that Taylor wrote for her mom about stuff that they did when she was growing up.  In all honesty, I was reluctant to give this song any of my time because normally I just don't relate to her music.  But this one is good.  I have to give her credit on this one.

4.  26 Cents -- The Wilkinsons

This one has been one of my favorites for a long time.  A penny for your thoughts.  A quarter for the call.  And all your mama's love.

3.  Mama Tried -- Merle Haggard

Ok moms...this one just proves that you can raise your child the best way you know how and they might still not turn out to be the angel that you'd always hoped for.  It doesn't mean you've done a bad job.  It just means that we like to kick up a little dust sometimes.  We still appreciate that you tried.

2.  The Baby -- Blake Shelton

I was the baby in my family.  I understand the bond between a mom and the last baby that she has.  This one's a sad song but the point is made.  The question is, what the heck was Blake thinking with that long hair?

1.  It's Your Song -- Garth Brooks

This one is my absolute favorite song about moms.  It's the song that I danced to with my mom at my wedding.  It's about how his mom's support helped him to do all the great things that he went on to do.  I've never felt anything but support from my mom and this song fits her perfectly.