We have a huge event coming up for the beer lover in you! It's called Buffalo On Tap, and there is going to be a ton of stuff to do!

One of the vendors that will be there is from a website called Doohickee.com.  I checked 'em out already. Here are my five favorite items from their site!

They sell all kinds of beverage drinking/pouring/carrying items. Check out all the stuff for beer/wine/coffee/pop drinkers!!

You've seen can coolers before. But have you ever seen one as sexy as this?

Tired of carrying a cooler for your beers? Strap them into this belt and be on your way!

Just a simple way to keep your favorite bottle of wine fresh!

I have kids. Ever see them try to pour a glass of pop? Keep it clean with this!

This is kind of the alternative to the Beer Belt. If you're tired of hauling a cooler around, maybe think of an alternate way of carrying a couple beers!

For all of the items available at doohickee.com, check out their website, or join us at Buffalo On Tap! We will see you there on April 20!