So you may remember me telling you that a couple weeks ago we bought my daughter a new hamster.  Then not even 2 days later, that hamster multiplied (in the original story it says 6 babies...there were more than that).  Yep...9 babies 2 days after we brought her home.  The next question was what in the world do we do with 9 baby hamsters??  Today they went back to the pet store.

We were pretty lucky that they would take them back.  Normally that's not the policy for stores.  But for some reason, the store that we bought momma at took the babies back for us.  It's something that I thought would be  a simple task to do.

We planned to do it when my daughter wasn't home so that we didn't have to worry about her being as sad about it.  I had visions of having to pry them out from between her fingers to put them in a box and I definitely didn't want to do that.  But we were honest with her.  We told Madelynn that the babies couldn't stay here and that in order for them to get the best care, they should go back to where they came from.  She understood but asked if we could keep just one.

As long as it was another female we didn't see any harm in that request (we didn't want a repeat of the first batch).  So I said I'd take them all back and see if the pet store could assure me that the one I wanted was indeed a female.

Today was the day...

I found a shoe box big enough to load them all into that would be safe to transport them in.  Then this is where it got hard.  I had to take them from Muffin (the momma) as they took their afternoon nap.  They were all just a little bit confused as to what was going on as one by one they got plucked from the cage and placed in that box.

But they all seemed ok with it once we got to the store and they found their own cage.  I bet it was pretty nice to be able to spread out a bit as opposed to the little one hamster home that they had been living in since they were born.

It was just harder than I thought.  They were really pretty cute.  It was cool to see them grow up and grow hair and open their eyes and discover what was their little world.  I hope they all find great homes to live in.  I know they'll be missed in mine.

(Photo courtesy of Flickr user Laura Northrup)