"I think at some point, you've got to step aside and let young guys that are qualified have their shot," Nix said during today's news conference, during which he announced his resignation as Buffalo Bills GM. "I never put a timetable on it. I always felt like I'd know when it was the right time."

But, Nix isn't exactly leaving the Bills at this point either. The announcement came Tuesday afternoon that Nix will transition into a Special Assistant position that seems to be exactly unclear exactly at this point, even to Nix himself.


Here is part of the press conference from Tuesday afternoon from WIVB:

Q: What do you see your role being, Buddy?

BN: Russ can probably help answer that, but whatever. I am going to have my office at home. It will be everything I have got here. I get all the tape. I get everything. Whatever Russ, whoever the general manager is and Doug Marrone—any way I can help I will do it. I am going to still come to camp. You guys, you are not going to get off that easy. I will still be around. I am going to come to minicamp. I am going to be in camp and I will be doing whatever. I will try to see another couple OTA’s. I am going to be here through till Thursday. Hopefully be around. I am excited about enjoying next year. I think it is going to be exciting.

Q: Is this solely your decision or is this a decision by committee?

BN: I just gave you the reasons. That is what they are.

Q: When you took the job, did you have a timeframe for this in your mind then?

BN: No. At first…I know the way we went about this thing with the team is a slow process. Building through the Draft is a slow process. The third year was a hard year. We expected more. We did not get it. With the whole staff all of those things made it a really tough time. A tough year. I never put a timetable on it. I always felt like I would know when it was the right time and I think it is the right time.