It's Tuesday night at 11:28 PM, and the Buffalo Jills suing over their pay is the #1 searched thing on the internet right now.

You think if you love something enough that you wouldn't do it for the money and you would do it because going to work each day wasn't really "work", right? I mean, heck, I interned for years because I loved my job so much. With that being said, if you are that bent out of shape over money -- then quit, duh?

Enter the Buffalo Bills cheerleaders. The Jills are really giving Buffalo quite the embarrassing name right now. To clarify, it's only a group of the cheerleaders.

Five former Buffalo Bills cheerleaders on Tuesday sued the team over a pay system they say had them working hundreds of hours for free at games and at mandatory public appearances at which they were subjected to groping and sexual comments, and one said they had to take a jiggle test so their boss could see how firm their bodies were.

They're also not the first NFL cheerleaders to sue their teams. The Oakland Raiders and Cincinnati Bengals are also in the midst of lawsuits.

What are they suing over? Fox News says:

[Cheerleaders] are wrongly classified as independent contractors and are subjected to policies that violate the state's $8 per hour minimum wage law and other workplace rules.

They say they work 25-30 events per year for which they are not paid and are extra and have to pay over $600 for their uniforms as well. The group of Jills say the workload is not what they signed up for.

Alyssa U. estimated she was paid a total of $420 during the 2012-13 football season. Another cheerleader, Maria P., said she received $105.

I can relate here at work. We go to many events and work hours that are unpaid -- but, we do this job because we love it. Why don't they just quit if they really don't like it that much? Unless they're under contract? If they were promised money and didn't get it, they deserve that money, as like any job.  It seems to me instead of being all sue-happy and complaining about it -- they should just go look for another job and...get.over it.