It appears that some are trying to push for the beer sales to start earlier on game days this fall! Two local legislators believe that selling beer at 11 a.m. would solve a bunch of the drinking-related problems at Ralph Wilson Stadium.The idea is to get fans inside the stadium earlier and away from the tailgate area sooner. That would, in theory, reduce the binge drinking, and security could have more control.  The administration at the Ralph says that they encourage responsible drinking no matter what time beer sales start.

But who is gonna want to leave the lot and pay high prices for beer when you can stay in the lot and drink for free? That's where the fun is. The tailgate party is the fun part, and as long as the games start at 1 p.m., I think most people that want to party will stay in the lot as long as possible.

The underage drinking thing is a problem everywhere. For me, it's not the fact that they drink. It's the fact that they can't handle the drinking and start most of the trouble. The only way to reduce these incidents is to check IDs at the parking lot entrances and give people old enough to drink a wristband. If you are caught on STADIUM grounds drinking without a wristband, you should be ejected. To me, this is the only way to police this issue. As for private lots, I don't think there is much that can be done to prevent underage drinking.