We can’t even win off the field! The Buffalo Bills or the Cleveland Browns? Every other team was eliminated to be the feature team of a huge blockbuster hit. Today it was reported that the Cleveland Browns will ‘star’ in the new Kevin Costner movie titled "Draft Day". Costner will be playing the role of the General Manager of the Cleveland Browns in the upcoming movie. It was down to just Buffalo or Cleveland and the Bills got the boot.

It's believed that the tax credit filmmakers can receive in Ohio was the final push that got Cleveland the W over Buffalo. Filmmakers that decide to use our beautiful Ohio landscapes as a backdrop can apply for the Ohio Motion Picture Tax Incentive. According to the Ohio Film Office, the tax credit can save filmmakers up to 25% on in-state spending. And who says Ohio has budget problems? We've got mega movie stars strolling our streets now”.

This may not be quite new news to the film industry considering a couple of weeks ago, the Buffalo news featured Senator Patrick Gallivan’s plan to increase tax breaks for film productions to come to Buffalo. Gallivan’s plan would hopefully see movies filmed more frequently here in the city of good neighbors. I think we wouldn’t mind that. Apparently, New York’s $420 million tax break program is not enough quite yet.