Buffalo Bills fans hated the idea from the get-go.  The Bills said they need the extra money, but it would cost them a home game every season.  So excuse Bills fans if they're snickering a little bit with word that tickets for the Bills game against Seattle at the Rogers Center in Toronto have been slashed an average of 33 percent.

Tickets for the December 13th game against the Seahawks have been reduced in every section and in some sections the prices have been cut in half.  Ticket prices now range from $48.00 for the upper level seats to $225.00 for field level VIP seats.  More than half of the tickets are less than $100.00.  That's a little bit more in line with seating at Wilson Stadium.

It's hard not to think back to the day Ted Rogers and Ralph Wilson signed the original deal for what was called the Buffalo Bills Toronto series.  The two of them giggled and chortled over how much money they'd be able to charge for tickets for games at the Rogers Center.  It didn't work out that way.  Bills fans in Buffalo refused to pay the outrageous prices and football fans in Toronto didn't seem to care about going to the games.  There were many games in which tickets were given away just so it looked like the stadium was full.  The ones who were willing to pay the inflated prices were fans of the opponents and it was common to hear louder cheers for the "bad guys" during the Bills "home" games in Toronto.

The game against the Seahawks is the first game in the new five-year agreement to extend the Bills Toronto series.