The Buffalo Bisons opened their 128th season of professional baseball with a 12-7 win over the Rochester Red Wings.

The history of Buffalo baseball is incredible, and there all kinds of records set involving the Bisons and many of them were in the early years.

Buffalo had a one-armed pitcher. Hugh Daily won 15 games and even added 18 base hits in the 1882 season when the Bisons were in the National League. He was one of only two one-armed pitchers to make it to the majors. Jim Abbott was the other.

The following season Daily struck out 583 batters including 19 in one game.

Buffalo also had the first player to hit for the cycle. Charles Foley hit a grand slam in the first inning of a game, then followed with a triple, double and a single.

One of the worst games in their history was a 31-7 loss at Chicago. The score would have been worse except that the Bisons scored five runs in the 9th. Pitcher George Derby played the whole game. He faced 67 batters including one player he faced eight times, the most in a 9-inning game and set a lot of other negative records. He was released the next day.

It was also in Buffalo where a player punched an umpire in the jaw after a close call. The player was arrested.

The Bisons had good years mixed in with bad. One game the gate receipts were only $3.00.

The Bisons continue to make memories again this season at Coca-Cola Field.