Can you tell how rude a city is from the tweets of its inhabitants?  According to a new study that was done by tracking the usage of two phrases on Twitter it's completely possible.  Once again, Buffalo came up on the bad side of the survey.

The two phrases used were "good morning" and "f### you".  The company that did the study is called Vertaline and they create what are called "heatmaps" based on phrases that are used on Twitter.  For this study, "good morning" represented a friendly population and the people that dropped the f-bomb more often represented a rude population.  The more often those phrases were used in tweets, the friendlier/ruder that population is.

If you guessed that Buffalo came up first on the rude list, you're right.  According to The Daily Mail, Buffalo is described as "more vulgar than Philadelphia. Angrier than New York City. More miserable than Detroit and less content than Chicago".

Can you really tell that simply from phrases used on Twitter?

Cultures are different all over the world.  From city to city and country to country our lives and languages differ.  Maybe we use the "f-word" a little more than other cities.  I don't think that makes us rude.  We're just a little more free to speak our minds.