If you're single and looking for a date...or a husband...or a wife, listen to this. (Even if you're already taken -- would you ever do this??)

An online dating auction with an extreme twist is happening this Friday in Buffalo. They happen all the time, but this time, you can become to highest bidder right from the couch in your home and score a date. Hey, you never know, and heck, if not for you -- buy a date for your friend that has been holding you back from double-dating because their single-sorry-rear-end can't find a girlfriend or boyfriend.

It is called Date on Purpose, and it's happening down at the Hotel Lafayette.

All the money goes to help fund the brand-new John Oishei Children's Hospital being built on Buffalo's medical campus. According to WKBW:

It's the future of wellbeing and health and lives of women and children and their families in Western New York and beyond, so in my mind it doesn't get any more important than that," spokesman for Women & Children's Hospital John Moscato said.

Check out the bachelors and bachelorettes at Date On Purpose's website!