You might just have your chance at 15 minutes of fame if everything pans out here in Buffalo.

Dan Murphy, who has some other successful bars across the state and is star of Discovery Channel's show 'Bering Sea Gold' (which has nothing to do with bars), will be filming the scenes in his brand-new bar that will open in downtown Buffalo.

Murphy's new bar, Fat Augie’s, that will be on Pearl Street near Chippewa will have about 20 cameras filming everything that happens inside of his bar. From the bartenders to you eating dinner, to the crazy drunk antics to the bands and karaoke singers. With all the footage that Murphy gets, he will turn the stuff into webisodes online, and that footage will be pitched to TV execs. According to the Buffalo News, he might just have the connections to do it.

He’s confident he has enough knowledge about and connections to the reality TV industry to make the show a success. Murphy hopes the presence of cameras and the possibility of fame will lure people through the door – who will, in turn, ring up lots of drink and food orders.

Once those patrons have filtered in and out, they (and their friends, families and the people they share with on social media) will become a built-in audience for the Web show – waiting to see if they made the cut.

Fat Augie's will have signs upon entering the eatery, so you're not going to have to sign your life away at any point in time. Just remember that if you have too many pops down the street and think that you want to become famous overnight to hop on down to Fat Augie's. Hopefully you won't regret it in the morning.