I've been a fan of the Buffalo Sabres since they began play in 1970.  I've missed very few games over the years but if there was ever one to miss it was Thursday night's game against the Montreal Canadiens.  It was obvious many of the Sabres have given up any hope of making the  playoffs when they didn't bother to show up. 

The Sabres were thoroughly outclassed in every phase of the game in a 5-1 loss.  The score doesn't even reflect how badly outplayed the Sabres were.  The Sabres were outshot 42-15 for the game.  The Sabres lone goal came when Brian Flynn scored a shorthanded goal, but very few Sabres fan were there to appreciate it because most of the crowd left at the second intermission.

One of the few Sabres to give a full effort was Steve Ott.  He was bloodied and bruised after the game and I asked him what the feeling in the room was...anger, embarrassment, surrender?

Game in and game out during his first season with the team, Ott has put in a full effort and he was asked about leading by example.

One thing that often occurs to me, especially in game like the one Thursday night.  What would the players say to a fan who scrimps and saves all year long to pay for a ticket for a game and this was the one.  I asked that question of Sabres defenseman Tyler Myers.

The Sabres have just seven games left with back to back home games this weekend.  They host Philadelphia Saturday afternoon at 3.