The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing. Playoff hockey is some of the best hockey you will ever see. The playoffs always seem to separate the men from the boys. Players who were playing at 100% during the regular season often are able to play at 150% if such a thing is even possible.

There's certainly a lot of disappointment with Buffalo Sabres fans right now. The season ended on a crappy note after such high expectations. We finally got the owner we wanted but the results ended up being typical Buffalo. Many fans (myself included) are a bit shocked and dismayed that the GM and coach were able to keep their jobs after ten years of very bleak results. If these two worked in broadcasting, they both would have been fired several years ago.

I am posting this video to hopefully lift the spirits of Buffalo Sabres fans. They're a great team and we love them, but they're just not good enough yet to be a playoff team and a Stanley Cup winner. Watch the video and remember some of the better moments of the Buffalo Sabres.