It’s hard not to watch Olympic coverage on TV. The summer and winter games come only every four years so a lot of people feel they’re missing a piece of history if they don’t tune in – at least I do.

Following the London Games, the Olympics moves on to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016. Three cities are in contention for the 2020 games – Tokyo, Japan, Istanbul, Turkey and Madrid, Spain. The choice for the 2020 games will be announced in September of next year.

Then looking ahead to 2024 – about 25 cities are looking into making bids, but there’s one city that has to be considered one of the favorites to land it. They’ve been actively working on becoming an Olympic host since 1986. They came in third to Atlanta for the 1996 games and came in second to Beijing for the 2008 games.

This city is already spending nearly one and a half billion dollars to upgrade its sports facilities and they’ve already landed the 2015 Pan American Games.

And what makes this city such an interesting choice is there’s talk of partnering with a nearby border city to make it an international bid.

The city? Toronto, Canada. And there’s been some serious talk in Canada of asking or inviting Buffalo to join them in their bid.

Buffalo? Buffalo’s already had some experience in hosting an international sports event when it hosting the World University Games in 1993. Hard to believe that event was 19 years ago, but many of the facilities needed for the World Games are actively being used for major competitions including the football stadium at the University of Buffalo and the Flickinger Center for swimming.

A Toronto city counselor has been publicly mentioning partnering with Buffalo to make it an international bid.