Apparently, just because he's a criminal doesn't mean that this one guy doesn't have a heart.

Kojek Mista broke into a home with three other men and stumbled upon two nannies and a crying baby. In the midst of the burglary, Mista couldn't take the crying. So he did something about it -- he cradled the infant and fed him.

After tying up one nanny and leaving another one asleep, he asked the tied-up nanny what the baby needed. Just some food and lovin'.

I gave it to the baby while cradling him. Not long after, the baby fell asleep so I put him in bed. I have a kid, so I know how to cradle a baby.

Mista and his sidekicks eventually fled with about $5,000 worth of merchandise but were later caught, and now he faces about 10 years in jail.