More vehicles cross it every year than any other bridge in the world – 106-million. And to accommodate all that traffic it has 14 driving lanes on two decks – 8 on an upper deck and 6 on a lower deck. It’s the George Washington Bridge connecting Manhattan and New Jersey over the Hudson River. It was first envisioned about 1910, but by the time they decided on where to put it and how to pay for it and all the design work – it wasn’t until 1927 when construction began. It finally opened in 1931 with just one deck. But with steadily increasing traffic a second lower deck was opened in 1962 – some people called it Martha – as in Martha Washington.
The bridge stands close to where British and American soldiers battled during the Revolutionary War. Fort Washington on the New York side and Fort Lee on the Jersey side.
The original plan was to build the bridge towers of concrete and granite but because of money concerns during the Great Depression – they went with criss-crossed steel girders. That design alone makes the bridge so unique.

SOURCE: wikipedia
Immediately after the 9-11 attacks, you weren’t allowed to take pictures on the George Washington Bridge because of concerns terrorists could study the pictures in plans to blow it up. That ban has since been lifted.
On national holidays – Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day and some others – the largest American flag in the world is flown from the George Washington Bridge. The flag alone weighs 450 pounds.
It’s not cheap to cross the bridge. The one way toll from New Jersey to New York is $12.00 per car, $11.00 per motorcycle. There’s no toll going the other way. If you live in New Jersey and you commute five days a week – it would cost you $60.00 a week just to cross the bridge.