A friend of mine just purchased a used vehicle from a private owner last week, a really nice looking minivan. Nothing is cosmetically wrong and she was told that nothing is mechanically wrong with the vehicle either. Turns out there is nothing major wrong but when she was driving a tire did fall off the vehicle, the first thing that popped into my head about this when she told me the story is "oh no, I think you got a lemon". She is okay and so is the minivan.

We've always heard the saying "buyer beware" and this is a real story that happened to a man from Salisbury, Massachusetts. David Cross went to a local dealership to buy a new vehicle, when he purchased it he took it to a mechanic and the mechanic told him to take it back because of all the problems he found with it. David Cross clearly got ripped off.

When David returned to the dealership to return the vehicle, the dealership would not take the vehicle back. David decided that he was going to get revenge against the dealership, he returned after midnight to the dealership and decided to drive that vehicle into other vehicles on the lot causing 20,000 dollars in damage. David drove his car into a Mercedes C-300 and a Ford Mustang among other vehicles.

After David was done doing his damage he decided to walk across the street to a store where a police officer was sitting and told the officer about the incident. I am sure you can guess what happened next... David was arrested for the crime. He is charged with seven counts of criminal mischief and a felony. I can imagine that David would now admit that it was a dumb thing he did. But we all can learn a lesson here, buyer beware always be careful about what you buy... make sure you're not buying a lemon! If you buy a lemon, luckily New York has the lemon law to protect you... check it out HERE!