I cannot believe the finger-pointing that is going on over the recent tragic events in Arizona. MOST Americans can't believe it either.

Blame is directed at the Tea Party, the left, the right, the media, the NRA and list goes on. Police and other investigative officials are saying it appears at this time to be the action of a lone deranged gunman. I am waiting for the conspiracy theories to begin. 

Can't we just use this senseless act that caused injury and death to come together? To come together in prayer or to take steps to help at least reduce the future acts of violence that will inevitably and sadly happen again. We are Americans...let's start acting like it. Are we not ONE Nation under God?  This massacre in Tucson, Arizona should remind us too that acts of terror are not just perpetrated by those from far away lands.

This is becoming an tragedy upon a tragedy as some use this horrific event for their own political agenda. Shame on them! Many from the left and right, even President Obama seem to have a handle on this choosing their words and expressions of sympathy carefully. Perhaps we also need to look at our nations mental health system of checks and balances (that's a subject for another time).

Let's keep those injured and those murdered, their families and this great land in our thoughts and prayers. Let's also keep the discussions sensible and compassionate.  We cannot expect rational answers from a totally irrational act of violence.