Carrie Underwood is going to have to either stop bringing her purse to awards shows or else she's going to have to get someone else to hold it for her.  She took to Twitter this week to express that she will miss her "purse holder."


I've actually brought this up to my wife whenever I see an awards show where Carrie wins something (which is pretty much every awards show that she attends).  Whenever she wins, she stands up and hands her purse (or clutch as I was corrected) to her hockey-playing husband Mike Fisher.

He always seems to be a good sport about holding it for her as he flashes a smile and quietly sits back down.  My question is, "I wonder how well that goes over in the locker room."  I'll be honest.  I HATE when my wife asks me to hold her purse.  I know it sounds terrible but it's the truth.  I really truly dislike it.

That's when my wife reminds me that most guys would love to hold Carrie Underwood's purse.  Chances are, the purse itself costs more than we make in a month!