I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to animals it just boggles my mind that anyone would toss puppies out of a moving vehicle on the highway, but it's what appeared to have happened.  Thank goodness country superstar Carrie Underwood had driven by later and found the puppies on the side of the road.  Unfortunately one of the puppies didn’t survive the toss but one did.  According to CMT.news, Carrie was driving home after visiting her family over the holidays and saw the puppies.  Being the animal lover she is, Carrie stopped and rescued the living puppy by driving her to the animal hospital for treatment.  The Vet told Carrie that the puppy was probably tossed from a moving vehicle and was lucky to have survived at all.  The little dog had road rash and had bitten through its tongue probably when it hit the ground.

Carrie took the puppy home after she was treated and was able to find her a home with a neighbor who lives down the street.  My heart breaks for the puppy that was killed but I’m so happy for ‘Stella’ which is what Carrie named the pooch.