I watched the Little Fockers last night. Not a bad flick. However, not as funny as I thought it would be.In the movie the Little Fockers (Greg and Pam's kids) are a set of twins.One boy and one girl.Just like the Colin Raye song from the 1990's. It got me thinking about me and my twin sister Liz.I don't really think about it much, but the fact that I have a twin is kinda neat. Growing up a twin had its advantages. There was always someone to play with and always someone to help out with homework!! There were some disadvantages to.Whenever one of us got the flu or a cold...you guessed it. The other one would catch it.

There is something special about having sisters. I have two. My twin and an older sister, Kelly. If you were to look at pictures, my sisters look more like twins than Liz and I do. I am the youngest of 5 kids. My brothers moved out of the house when they got old enough so I was the only boy left in the house with 2 sisters and 1 bathroom.Need I say more?Some of you know exactly what I mean when I write that.Some days I played referee when they argued over the things that sisters argue about the other days I was ganged up on. There were some mornings before school I just 'went outside" if you know what I mean. After all when ya gotta go...

My sisters have grown up to be amazing ladies and moms and wives. I truly am proud of them. I don't see them as much as I want to and now I own a house with TWO bathrooms! Funny how things change.

If you had to pick, who would you want for your sister? Taylor, Carrie or Miranda? I am going with Miranda on this one. Simply put, it's because Blake Shelton would be the coolest brother in law!! Nothing against Carrie or Taylor, I just think that I may relate a little better to Miranda. Besides, when the bullies at school give you a wedgie, who would you want to be your protective big sister?