This story is incredible to hear, a cat that hadn't been claimed or adopted from the Utah animal shelter survived two euthanizing attempts.  Apparantly the cat named Andrea was to be put to sleep so the shelter employee performed a routine proceedure by placing her in to the gas chamber.  Afterward she was found alive.  So a second attempt was made and at first there was no sign of life.  But after Andrea's body was placed in a freezer an employee heard a loud 'meow' and sure enough it was Andrea.   She was weak after all this happened but it was decided that she deserved another chance and was turned over to that organization CAWS, which hopes that the furry fighter will now serve as a "spokescat" against the use of gas chambers.  This is one tough kitty.  If there was ever a reason to adopt from a shelter instead of a pet store this is it.  I do realize that some pet stores are affiliated with shelters so do your homework if you're looking for a new best friend so you can make the best choice and save an animals life.  According to my count, Andrea has seven lives left!