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Generally, people either love a celebrity or hate him/her. Either way, we can’t help our need to read all about the most intimate details of their lives. WYRK keeps you updated on all the scandals straight from Nashville…and other celebrity news.

Last Time Tom Petty Was In Buffalo…
There's no question that Top Petty is one of the biggest rock icons of his time. I regret that I've never seen him in concert. So what was the last concert he had in Buffalo like?
[LISTEN] [LYRICS] New Maren Morris Song–Dear Hate
Listen to new Maren Morris song--'Dear Hate'
Dear Hate,
I saw you on the news today
like a shock that takes my breath away
you fall like rain, cover us in drops of pain
I'm afraid that we just might drown
Dear hate,
well, you sure are colorblind
your kiss is the cruelest kind
you could poison any mind just l…
Jake Owen Shows Us Where He Was During Las Vegas Tragedy
Jake Owen took us back to the scene this morning in Las Vegas and explained where he was in during the incident in Las Vegas.
If you want to help, the Go Fund Me page at the time of posting, the page has over $2.5 million raised for the victims and families in less than 14 hours...

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