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In the Buf with Jo: We’re Talking Proud Game!
I am so in love with my Buffalo family. Freinds for decades now, through thick & thin, since I moved here. Most of you know I grew up in West Virginia, (same place as one Brad Douglas Paisley!) and all my dear DNA family lives there. This is my chosen family...a...
Six Buffalo Bills Nominated To Hall of Fame
Nominees for the 2018 Class of the Pro Football Hall of Fame include six former Buffalo Bills.  They are among a preliminary list of 108 former players, coaches and contributors that will be narrowed down to 25 in November.
The list includes:

linebacker Cornelius Bennet
linebacker Darryl Talley
center K…
New State Law May Kill Bingo
It may have caught some people off guard when they found out that a new state law prevents minors from playing bingo.  The law went into effect on July 9th as part of the state's 2017-18 budget.  The state gaming commission sure makes it sound like something wonderful, calling it modernizing state l…
The First One of These Was Made in Buffalo
Dozens and dozens of things were invented, developed and made right here in Western New York.  Here's one that tens of thousands of people use every single day all across the world and the very first one was made right here in Buffalo.
Why Is It Called Barbecue?
The standard modern English spelling of the word is barbecue, but other accepted variations are barbeque and abbreviations like bar-b-q or BBQ. But no matter how it’s spelled or how the word is used it means good eatin’.
We’re Home To The Oldest State Park In America
Earlier this week we learned that Buffalo will get its first state park when beginning this fall construction will begin on picnic shelters, playgrounds, a redesigned breakwall and walking areas, fishing access and seating. It will become the state’s 180th state park about a half hour’s drive from t…
National Receptionists Day
Two weeks ago we celebrated Administrative Professionals Day or Secretary’s Day. Today it might sound like the same thing, but people who do the jobs know they’re different. Today is National Receptionists Day. It’s always designated as the second Wedn…
The Stories That Could Be Told From A Cheektowaga Cemetery
I’m always amazed at the impact this area had on American history. Most of the worst battles of the War of 1812 happened right here. The villages of Lewiston, Youngstown and Black Rock were destroyed. The village of Buffalo was burned to the ground by the British.

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