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New Yorkers May Soon Be Able to Be Buried With Their Pets
Soon man's best friend might be able to travel to the other side with its owner.
Lawmakers in Albany have moved one step closer by giving approval to a bill that would allow the cremated remains of family pets (domesticated and tamed to live with people) to be buried along with their owners...
‘Reddy Bikeshare’ Will Be Allowed in Buffalo
Reddy Bikeshare company is now allowed to set up shop Buffalo after the common council approved their license. You will now soon see kiosks set up around the area for people to rent and use. Locations for the kiosks have not yet been determined but they are taking suggestions and votes on …
First New General Mills Cereal in 15 Years: Tiny Toast
The last time General Mills released a new cereal it was 2001, and they were actually bringing back a former cereal, 'Basic 4'.
Now we may be smelling hints of strawberry and blueberry in parts of downtown, and it will be because of their new cereal 'Tiny Toast', which they starte…
What Is New York State’s Most Misspelled Word?
Have you ever misspelled a word so badly that the spell check doesn't even recognize what you were going for? It happens to me more than I would like to admit.
In the age of spell checkers on the computer I feel like my vocabulary has taken a hit and it shows in the amount of red lines that…

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