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Kenmore Native Is Headed to the 2016 Olympics in Rio
The Olympics in Rio just a got a little closer to home! Kenmore native, Anita Alvarez, will be representing not only the United States of America, but Western New York when she takes the stage in Rio. Anita is a member of the U.S. National Synchro team and will compete with her  partner, Mariya…
Who Has the Best Chicken BBQ in WNY?
It's chicken barbecue season, and I don't know about you but I'm ready to eat as many as possible! I had my first of many this past Sunday! It was from the Quota Club of East Aurora, and they went with Chivetta's and it was delicious.
Last year, I had Weidners at a party Bret…
Did Liz’s Turkey Call Result in a Turkey? [VIDEO]
When we visited Quaker Boy they us make our own Turkey Calls! I was told she made it so well they would actually be able to sell it! (Clay and Dale did not receive that comment, lol.) I decided to gift mine to a family friend who actually hunts turkey
Bear Cub Tries to Jump Through Window in Wellsville [VIDEO]
WKBW had the story and video of a bear cub in the backyard of a Wellsville home. Things took a turn to the excitement when the baby cub tried to leap into the room that the family was filming from.  Watch their shock as the baby cub tries to get up close and personal...
Will the Bison Become the First U.S. ‘National Mammal’?
It looks like the bison could be representing more than just Buffalo soon. On Tuesday the US House Of Representatives voted to designate the American Bison as the 'National Mammal of the United States of America'.
According to a USA Today article:
"If the measure is passed by the Senate and signe…

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