Daily Distraction

The Daily Distraction is your internet break when you need to escape reality. Just be sure to share the love with your overly stressed, underpaid coworkers. Warning: These videos are highly addictive.

How To Make The Perfect Salad [VIDEO]
The video recipes are all the rage right now. They take the reading out of it and actually give you a visual in quick time.
I LOVE cooking shows, but this cuts right to the chase and gives you quick step-by-step directions.
Normally, the recipes are either tailgate foods, casseroles or breakfast recip…
Check Out This One-Eyed Surfing Cat [VIDEO]
Well if this isn't the cutest thing!?!? Not only is this cat adorable but it's doing one of the most un-cat thing - enjoying water!
Nanakuli, which means "to look blind", was found on the street in pretty bad shape. Somehow Nanakuli was not only brought back to health but …

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