Daily Distraction

The Daily Distraction is your internet break when you need to escape reality. Just be sure to share the love with your overly stressed, underpaid coworkers. Warning: These videos are highly addictive.

Liz Has Fun With A Vacuum Sealer [VIDEO]
This video is pretty self explanatory, in order to get the most out of my cow purchase I also bought a vacuum sealer. However, the beef came already vacuum sealed which was both good and bad news for me. Now I have this vacuum sealer that I'm itching to use...
Cat Have Hairballs? Try This Cat Hack!
Spartacus the Diabetic Cat has been having some issues lately. He's had to switch some foods around and have some tests, and because of that he's been throwing up a lot more. This is a cat that rarely threw up before, so it was an unpleasant surprise for me...

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