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A Day To Quit Smoking
Today is the 37th annual Great American Smokeout – always the third Thursday in November. It’s a one-day campaign to encourage smokers to quit for 24 hours to prove that they can do it.
Mt. Etna Rumbles Again
It’s just a way of life for people who live near it. It’s Europe’s most active volcano, and it erupted over the weekend on the island of Sicily.
How Gross Is Your Refrigerator?
Today is Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day. In the back of every refrigerator, there’s some dried-out, moldy item that once was tasty food. It could have been a restaurant leftover that you had every intention of eating. But one day becomes two. Two days become four. Then it becomes we…
It’s OK For Girls To Ask Boys Out On This Day
Today is the anniversary of the first Sadie Hawkins Day. It’s a day when the tables turn and it’s OK for girls to ask boys for a date. Some people will use any excuse for a party, but here’s an event that began with a newspaper comic strip that dates b…
The Story Behind The Grandfather Clock
One of the most unique trophies in all of sports is the Grandfather clock that’s presented to every NASCAR race winner at Martinsville Speedway. The first one was given away in 1964, and over the years, Richard Petty won 12 of them. Jimmie Johnson has won eight.
Honoring The Nation’s Veterans
Today is Veterans Day – honoring the men and women who’ve served and defended our country. It’s also a day to give thanks to the members of the military serving around the world and their families who make sacrifices too.
The End For Blockbuster
First there was the movie. Then years later, you might get to see it on TV, but you better watch it when it was scheduled, or you wouldn’t be able to see it until it came back to TV again. Then came the magic of video tape and stores that rented movies on video cassettes. It was a mo…

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